Since 2003 SINZ has operated multiple clubs, produced over 1000 events and set the bar for Lifestyle clubs in New England. Now we are ready to share our body of knowledge with those of you interested in the Lifestyle as a business. We can help you succeed.


Sometimes you just need to talk to someone that has been there and done that. We are not lawyers but we can help you make smart decisions regarding your club. Sometimes small changes can result in big results but the opposite is just as likely. We have seen clubs go from success to failure due to poor decision making.

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music, games and contests

Themes, games, music, contests. All of these have played a vital role in successful Lifestyle parties for decades. We have them all. Hell we even invented a few. From this site you can purchase Lifestyle friendly games, learn how to produce theme parties successfully and grab some get contest ideas.


Visit our graphics gallery where you can purchase custom, professionally designed flyers for your events. Having a modern, professional presentation is key to projecting the image that your club is where everyone should be.

full Platform development

A Facebook page, or Yahoo group doesn’t cut it these days. If you want to show people you are serious it takes an engaging, fully functioning platform. SINZ can create everything for you from a stand alone marketing site like to customized member management and event promotion sites like We are quick, and our rates are very reasonable.


You don’t have to be an affiliate to have SINZ promote your events or business. We publish a weekly newsletter that is sent to over 10,000 people every week. For a small fee you can be included in this newsletter. We can also feature your event inside our member portal, and on our Featured Events page at


Become an actual extension of SINZ itself through our affiliation process. We will do the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to benefit from our name, advice and intellectual assets.