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Swinger Bingo


not your parents bingo!

Swinger Bingo puts a Lifestyle twist on the traditional game, making it more interactive and sexier. It can be played with anywhere from 6 to 25 players or even more. You will need a prize to give the winner, a sex toy is usually a great option or a free pass to a future party. This game is revealing and is sure to get your couples talking to each other (and more). Swinger Bingo comes in three levels of play Newbie, Wild, and Wilder. Within each level there are multiple card sets, so you can play the same level with different questions, or maybe take it up a level across consecutive parties. One thing we do know is that some of these questions are down right evil/naughty and will surprise and delight your guests.

What you Get

A printable PDF file that contains a number of randomized cards (10/25/50), a calling card for the caller, and a rules and recommendations sheet on how to maximize game play. Click here for a look at how the game is played.

Pass The Present


Pass the present is a easy to play sexy game that will get your crowd laughing and talking about themselves in just a few minutes. The ending is the best part!

What You Get

When you purchase the game you will immediately receive a link to download a PDF which contains everything you will need to play the game. All you need to supply is a wrapped present! For $5 this is a sure hit.

Themed Flyers


Want to draw attention to your events, stand out from the crowd and give your club a more professional image? Then try our customized theme posters.

I started doing posters to bring a strong visual impact to my events. Nothing draws the eye like a pretty girl, and a picture says a 1000 words. Posters are a great way to convey a lot information in a small space. Unfortunately, many clubs don’t use posters because of time and cost. Its easier and simpler to just send out text newsletters.

Boring! Now for a few bucks you can have a custom poster that you can use again and again.

Over the years I have developed posters for just about every common theme out there, as well as some themes that we developed on our own. So not only do you get a great poster you might also get some great ideas!

Along with the poster we will give you an informative description on how we have executed that particular theme to get good participation and keep them fresh.

To purchase a poster, add it to your cart, you will be asked to fill out a form that will be used to customize your poster, not all the fields will be used but we will try to include as much as possible. We require 7 days to customize your poster at which point it will be emailed to you as a series of JPG files and a PDF file, perfect for web use and for printing.

Music Playlists


If there is one thing that can make or break a party its the music. After 16 years of hosting events this is probably the one item that we will still argue over. Swingers are a diverse crowd with equally diverse tastes in music and it can be damn near impossible to please everyone all the time. If you have a live DJ, then maybe you don’t think this applies to you but most of the live DJs that I have heard at Lifestyle events were just plain awful and had no idea what the crowd really wanted to hear. A Lifestyle party and a wedding are not the same thing, and a night of EDM will drive a group of swingers out the room fast. A good live DJ could take any of our sets and make it their own through creative mixing and working the crowd.

At SINZ we have a variety of music themed events. These events are great because everyone attends knows pretty much what they are going to hear, are curious about what they will hear, or don’t care and will attend anyway.

When the party is not centered around a musical theme we have developed a set of playlists that follow our formula and are tweaked on a regular basis to keep them fresh.

You can buy any of our specialized or monthly lists just $5, many of the specialized lists come FREE if you buy the matching theme poster so be sure to check that out. Playlists are delivered as a set of files including .csv and .html, we do not supply the actual tracks. Each playlist is about 4 hours long.