Grab a copy of Swinger Bingo

We just released our first version of Newbie, WIld and Wilder versions! 10 card versions are only $7.50 each and come complete in a single printable PDF file. You get randomized cards, a Caller Card with hints on how to maximize player interaction, and a set of rules. New versions will be released on a regular basis so check back often.

Welcome to Our Site and the Launch of Swinger Bingo!

First thank you for being here. If you are here it probably means you have a working Lifestyle business or are interested in business opportunities within the Lifestyle community. That’s awesome! First, the Lifestyle is a fast growing industry and has been for many years. There are numerous opportunities. Second the Lifestyle will benefit as more experienced professionals, who truly care about the Lifestyle community and their product, enter the industry.

It can be difficult to grow and gain credibility as a Lifestyle operator. For some time we have felt that we could be of help to those starting out by sharing our knowledge and experience. This site is the start of that. So welcome to the site, look around, get some ideas, and if you have some questions, arrange for a consultation, maybe we have the answer!