Do you operate a club and need help getting it to the next level?

Have you recently opened a club and are overwhelmed at how much work it really is?

Are you thinking of opening a club but are not sure you have what it takes?

 The SINZ affiliate program is designed for people like you.

Under our affiliate program you actually become part of the SINZ organization.

We will handle the bulk of your clubs back office work including

  • Member management and on-boarding

  • Event Management and promotion

  • Answering club related emails

  • Web Site Development and credit card processing

  • Operations support and training

  • Creating a membership that will make you money

  • Music programming

  • Social media management

  • Club promotion on a variety of website that work

  • Professional Weekly newsletters to your members

  • Professional flyers


You will have the legal right to use the name SINZ as all or part of your name. SINZ is the largest, longest running Lifestyle organization in New England and among the most recognized, successful names in the Lifestyle.

We deliver these services under a one year renewable contract for a monthly fee that is far less than you may think and will allow you to focus on your events and members.

As each year ends you can decide to continue our services for another year or engage in a transition period where we will help you take the reins of your club over a period of 90 days. (you will lose access to our name and network at this time)

To qualify as an affiliate you must meet the following criteria with your existing organization or the one you propose to create. SINZ was founded on the belief that Lifestyle members deserve to gather in places that are clean, legal and safe.

  • You must be operating as a registered business entity (LLC, s Corp or inc) with a FEIN. This means you submit taxes every year on your operation and pay any local and state taxes as required by law

  • You must operate from a commercially zoned location that you either own, lease completely, partially or periodically

  • The location must have required licenses for fire, health or any other requirements of your local/state government. (For example a permit of assembly for a specific occupancy)

  • You must agree to hold events in a manner that is in keeping with the local laws that apply to your location and situation

  • Hotel operators (either takeover or partial takeover) will be considered

  • You must hold a minimum of one event per month

  • SINZ does not affiliate with any club held in a private residence (house party)

Become an affiliate club

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